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Russia Develops Water Take-off Rescue Drone

Russian engineers from the company Shooting From The Air have developed a rescue unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) able to take off from water, TASS reported. Called the Seadrone, the UAV is able to withstand extreme weather conditions and even traverse the Arctic.

The idea behind the Seadrone project was to address some of the most prevalent problems in drone use, such as the inability to land or take off in water as well as the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

The Seadrone can also operate from -30° to 55° Celsius (-22°F to 131°F) without freezing or overheating.

The Seadrone’s maiden flight was conducted in the Kara Sea, where the drone was tested in a mock rescue situation on a simulated drowning victim. Test results showed that “in conditions of salt fog, strong wind and sub-zero temperatures a Seadrone automatically detected a man and returned to the deck of the vessel.”

Russia’s ‘Under-Ice Aquatic Drone’

Russia is also working on a UAV able to operate under ice for up to three months.

Called the Sarna, the first prototype is expected to be out this year with a target serial production date for 2024.

Deputy head of physical and technical research direction of the Advanced Research Fund Viktor Litvinenko pointed out the unparalleled technology of the Sarma: “Today we do not know any analogues with the ability to work for about three months without surfacing.”

The Sarma will be able to dive up to 1 km (0.62 miles) and cover a distance of 8,000 kilometers (4,971 miles). 

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