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Lockheed Receives Stryker-Mounted Electronic Warfare Contract 

The US Army has awarded Lockheed Martin a $9.6 million second-round contract for a vehicle-mounted integrated suite of Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Electronic Warfare (EW), and Cyberspace Operations.

According to the Other Transaction Authority (OTA) agreement, the Maryland-based defense giant will provide prototypes of the Terrestrial Layer System – Brigade Combat Team (TLS-BCT) in three months for “manufacturing proof of concept.” 

According to, Lockheed Martin has been selected after a 16-month competitive prototyping involving Boeing subsidiary Digital Receiver Technology. 

Electronic Warfare Suite

The Stryker-mounted TLS will offer soldiers offensive cyber capabilities through “detection, identification, location, exploitation, and disruption” of enemy electromagnetic signals. These capabilities are crucial for the Joint All Domain Operational (JADO) Capable Force, a warfighting concept that envisions the synchronization of systems across domains and crucial data sources.

Project Manager for Electronic Warfare and Cyber Ken Strayer said, “When fielded, TLS will be assigned to the Multi-functional Platoon and the EW Platoon organic to the Military Intelligence (MI) Company (MICO) in the BCTs. TLS will provide the warfighter at multiple echelons critical situational awareness of the enemy through detection, identification, location, exploitation, and disruption of enemy signals of interest.”

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