Canadian Air Force Intercepts Russian Planes Over Black Sea

A Canadian Air Force detachment in Romania intercepted two Russian aircraft flying near Romanian airspace over the Black Sea on Thursday, according to a press release by NATO.

Canadian CF-188 Hornet fighter jets working with the Romanian Air Force since the start of September were alerted by the Air Force Control and Reporting Centre once the Russian planes were detected near the country’s airspace.

The aircraft were not using transponders and did not respond to air traffic control.

Once they were identified as Russian Su-25 Fencers, CF-188s were scrambled by NATO’s southern Combined Air Operations Centre Torrejon.

The Russian planes continued on without incident.

Canadian Fighter Detachment to Romania

The intercept was a first since the Canadian Air Force was deployed to Romania on September 8.

A ceremony marked the deployment of the Royal Canadian Air Force CF-188 fighter detachment to Romania’s Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base, the sixth such deployment of the Canadian Air Force to the country. Military and civilian representatives from Romania, Canada, and NATO were in attendance.

Commander Lieutenant General Fernando de la Cruz of NATO’s Combined Air Operations Centre called the ceremony “an important moment” for the transatlantic Alliance.

“Canada is a strong supporter of NATO and is proud to execute NATO Enhanced Air Policing for the sixth time,” Lieutenant-Colonel Corey Mask, Commander of the Canadian Air Task Force Romania.

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