US Army Seeks to Convert 155mm Artillery Shells Into Smart Munitions

The US Army has ordered defense firm Alliant Techsystems Operations LLC to provide precision guidance kits (PGKs) to transform its conventional 155-millimeter artillery shells into GPS-guided smart munitions.

PGKs are state-of-the-art conversion packages that allow the use of signals to guide artillery shells to targets with an accuracy of less than 10 meters. They work in all weather conditions.

According to officials of the Army Contracting Command, provision of such equipment would cost $167.8 million. Alliant Techsystems Operations LLC is expected to deliver the kits by 2024.

Bolstering Defense

The US Army continues to upgrade its weapons to strengthen its firepower. Last month, it announced that it is acquiring 600 additional Centaur unmanned ground vehicles worth $70 million from FLIR Systems.

“The strong demand for this multi-purpose robot shows how well unmanned technology can support EOD teams across our military, enabling them to do their job more safely and effectively,” FLIR Systems official Tom Frost stated.

A billion-dollar US missile defense satellite that employs infrared sensors to detect missiles was also launched on May 17. The satellite will give the army an early warning against missiles fired from all over the world.

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