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Indonesia Developing Amphibious ‘Tank Boats’ for Coastal Patrol

Indonesia has begun constructing floating tanks capable of patrolling the country’s maritime territories.

Designed by PT Lundin, the new Antasena Tank Boat is 59 feet (18 meters) long and 21 feet (6 meters) wide, and can travel 600 miles (966 kilometers) across water on a single tank of gas.

The vehicle is reportedly meant to operate in Indonesia’s “brown water,” or coastal areas where the land meets the sea. It is large enough to carry more than a platoon of Indonesian Marines.

“It is hoped that the Tank Boat can support the Indonesian Armed Forces in conducting patrols along Indonesia’s seas, rivers, and coasts, and also support coast guard operations,” state-owned defense company PT Pindad said.

The Indonesian Ministry of Defense has so far procured one amphibious tank, but it will purchase more units once it has assessed the vehicle’s effectiveness.

Indonesian Tank Boat Launched in East Java

Last month, a group of Indonesian companies led by PT Pindad launched a prototype of the vehicle in the waters off Banyuwangi, East Java.

The prototype featured the Cockerill Protected Weapon Station Gen 2 turret, designed to give added protection to soldiers operating the platform.

Authorities also inspected the boat’s pair of 1,200hp MAN V8 engines and MJP450 water jets that can propel the vehicle up to 40 knots (74 kilometers per hour).

In addition to patrolling, the new Antasena Tank Boat is expected to transport military troops between the many islands of Indonesia.

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