US Space Force Chief Scientist Says Human Augmentation ‘Imperative’

"Today we’re on the brink of a new age: the age of human augmentation," he said.

Human augmentation should be embraced by the West to keep up with the competition, US Space Force chief scientist Dr. Joel Mozer said during an event last week at the Airforce Research Laboratory.

“In our business of national defense, it’s imperative that we embrace this new age, lest we fall behind our strategic competitors,” Mozer said.

Mozer added that unprecedented developments are forthcoming in areas such as artificial intelligence, which will allow the military to craft tactics and strategies that “no human could.” Autonomous programs will eventually provide real-time advice to commanders, and multiple autonomous agents will be able to assist commanders and decision-makers in reconnaissance and fire control.

The chief scientist further explained that human augmentation will eventually develop into technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality — including “nerve stimulation” to enhance the simulation of physical sensations.

“You could put [an] individual into a state of flow, where learning is optimized and retention is maximized,” Mozer said. “This individual could be shaped into somebody with very high-performing potential.”

Using Space for Defense

Last year, Dr. Mozer argued that national security will be determined by the country’s space efforts and the private sector will play a critical role.

He said that Pentagon officials must have a unique perspective on space and how it can be used to achieve national security objectives.

“Firstly, it’s going to shape the environment that we operate in and will evolve our mission to protect US interests both here on Earth and beyond in the future,” Mozer explained. 

“Second, many of the technological innovations that are now coming and will continue to come from entrepreneurs and industrialists in the space business are from those entrepreneurs. We must harness those innovations for our mission to support the joint fight when we’re called upon to do so,” the chief scientist added.

Last year, the Pentagon outlined its newly-formulated space strategy to counter rising threats to US dominance from Russia and China.

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