US Army Increasingly Preparing Soldiers for Arctic Missions

In the hope of identifying possible improvements in missions involving extreme cold weather, the US Army is conducting a gap analysis as part of the newly-released Arctic strategy called “Regaining Arctic Dominance.”

The Army stated that the initiative will help in determining if there is a need to procure new equipment that can support soldiers assigned in Arctic operations.

The gap analysis will also pave the way for the armed forces to see if more training sites should be built or expanded in preparation for missions in cold weather.

New Arctic Strategy

Last week, the US Army disclosed its new Arctic strategy, an initiative that includes ways to “generate, train, organize, and equip” the armed forces for missions in an unfamiliar, hostile environment.

The strategy lays out plans to partner with Arctic allies to ensure national interests and maintain regional stability.

“The Arctic is an opportunity to rapidly employ the speed, range, and convergence of cutting-edge technologies being developed for Multi-Domain Operations to strengthen our deterrence capabilities in the region,” Gen. James McConville, the Army’s chief of staff, stated.

Further objectives of the strategy include improving the materiel readiness of deployed units as well as the quality of life of soldiers and civilians in the Arctic region.

Looking Ahead

While awaiting the outcome of the analysis, Colonel J.P. Clark, chief of the strategy division within Army G-3/5/7, stated that they will continue to work on survival skills for all soldiers assigned to extreme climates.

He further explained that the army can learn from other countries that have more experience and better capabilities in cold weather fighting.

“This is where we can gain a lot from our allies and partners. The Canadians, Norwegians, and Swedes have very impressive capabilities on how they build a unit to fight and win in this region,” he stressed.

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