Israeli Army Says Downed Drone From Lebanon

The Israeli army shot down an unmanned aircraft it said had entered its airspace from Lebanon, the military said Friday, hours after a strike in Syria attributed to the Jewish state.

Israeli military “troops downed a drone that crossed from Lebanon into Israeli airspace,” the army said in a statement.

“The drone was monitored by the IDF throughout the incident,” the statement added, using the acronym for the Israel Defence Forces. “The IDF will continue to operate in order to prevent any attempt to violate Israeli sovereignty,” the army said, without providing further information on the drone.

In November, the Israeli army said it had downed “a drone belonging to the Hezbollah terror organization that crossed from Lebanon into Israeli airspace.”

Earlier Friday, Syrian state news agency SANA said an Israeli missile attack on Syrian military sites in the Hama province killed four civilians.

But the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights war monitor said the deaths were caused by debris from a Syrian anti-aircraft missile which fell on a house.

The Israeli army refused to comment on the Hama attack.

The Jewish state routinely carries out raids in Syria, mostly against targets linked to Iran in what it says is a bid to prevent its arch foe from consolidating a foothold on its northern border.

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