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Russian soldiers parade on Red Square, Moscow

Red Army in the grey zone: Russia’s greatest threat to the US is ‘less-than-war’

Crispin Burke argues that a credible US military deterrent may encourage Russia use less-than-war measures, including military contractors and cyber power – designed to create plausible deniability and preclude the US from striking back

War & conflict

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

“Military power is glorified” – Secretary-General wants disarmament restored as ‘integral’ to UN’s work

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres instructed envoy Izumi Nakamitsu to develop a strategy to restore disarmament as an ‘integral component’ of UN work

Afghanistan peace talks?

Middle East

A civilian in the Syrian town of Afrin

Turkey is using refugees to justify attacks on Efrin, Syrian Kurds say

Syrian Kurdish officials, including those opposed to the PYD, say Turkey is using refugees to justify its attacks on the enclave of Afrin and wants to use Operation Olive Branch to change the demographics of the region, Wladimir Van Wilgenburg reports


Business & technology news

Saab GlobalEye rollout

Saab rolls out first GlobalEye early warning aircraft, destined for UAE

Sweden’s Saab rolled out its first Bombardier Global 6000 jet-based GlobalEye swing-role early warning aircraft featuring the new Erieye ER long-range radar

Leonardo's SW-4 Solo flies with no pilot on board

Leonardo SW-4 Solo helicopter flies for 45 minutes with no pilot aboard

Leonardo announced the maiden flight of its SW-4 Solo single-engine optionally piloted helicopter with no safety pilot on board


Research: ISIS Child Soldiers in Syria: The Structural and Predatory Recruitment, Enlistment, Pre-Training Indoctrination, Training, and Deployment

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