US Army Precision Strike Missile Engages Moving Maritime Target

The US Army used the Precision Strike Missile (PrSM) against a moving maritime missile in a live-fire exercise earlier this month.

An Autonomous Multi-Domain Launcher (AML) fired a pair of PrSMs during the Valiant Shield 24 exercise in the Pacific.

It marked the first employment of both the PrSM and the AML outside of the US and also the missile’s first known use against a maritime target.

Anti-Ship Missile Seeker

A Land-Based Anti-Ship Missile seeker was integrated with the next-generation missile earlier this year, enabling the maritime targeting capability.

A combination of AML, or unmanned HIMARS, and the PrSM is a “significant milestone in the Army’s development of long-range fires capabilities,” according to the US Army.

The prototype launcher, unveiled last month, is capable of “convoy operations, autonomous waypoint navigation, tele-operation, and remote launcher turret and fire control operation.”

Next-Gen Missile

Meanwhile, the PrSM is a replacement for the legacy Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS), featuring a sleeker design and greater range of over 400 kilometers (248 miles).

The missile’s first batch was delivered to the US Army late last year, with full-rate production and initial capability testing expected in 2025.

The PrSM Increment 2 is expected to feature the maritime targeting capability, with initial operational capability expected in 2028.

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