Estonia to Supply Ukraine With Sniper Rifles, Special Forces Equipment

Estonia has announced additional military aid of sniper rifles and special forces equipment for Ukraine’s defense against Russia.

Valued at 494,300 euros ($527,000), the latest tranche also includes semi-automatic rifles and ammunition.

Estonia will also supply patrol boats, medical equipment, and tactical capabilities such as thermal cameras, binoculars, and other special equipment.

‘No Time Left to Lose’

Estonia has sent 400 million euros ($426 million) of military assistance to Ukraine so far in its ongoing conflict with Russia.

The amount represents more than one percent of Estonia’s gross domestic product, according to the government.

Ukrainian soldiers on top of an armored vehicle
Ukrainian soldiers sit on an armored military vehicle in Donbas, April 2022. Photo: Fadel Senna/AFP

“Yesterday, during the Ramstein format meeting with our allies, we discussed the current state of aid to Ukraine, and it is clear that there is no time left to lose in supporting Ukraine,” Estonian Defence Minister Hanno Pevkur stated.

“Our major initiative is aimed at the joint procurement of a million artillery shells by the European Union, but smaller, precisely targeted aid packages must also be continued.”

“Hence today’s decision to direct this aid package, as a continuation of the previous one, specifically at special forces equipment and snipers.”

Recent Estonian Military Donations to Ukraine

In 2022, Estonia revealed it would send mortars and anti-tank capabilities to Ukraine.

Estonia also confirmed a package of winter uniforms, personal protective equipment, artillery, and ammunition for the Ukrainian Armed Forces last year.

In January, the government announced $122 million in 155-millimeter howitzers, artillery, and Carl-Gustaf anti-tank grenade launchers would be sent to Ukraine.

Estonia and Finland then later signed a license agreement to supply Ukraine with D-30 towed howitzers earlier this month.

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