Estonia Sending All Its 155-mm Howitzers to Ukraine

Estonia will donate all its 155-millimeter howitzers to Ukraine as part of its most extensive military assistance yet.

The package, previously reported to be worth 113 million euros ($122 million), is expected to boost Kyiv’s defense capabilities amid continuing Russian aggression.

Estonia currently operates 24 NATO standard FH-70 towed howitzers.

Apart from the howitzers, Tallinn will send thousands of 155-mm artillery shells and hundreds of Carl-Gustaf anti-tank grenade launchers.

“Together, we will continue to support Ukraine to move from resistance to expelling Russian troops from Ukrainian soil,” the Estonian Embassy in Ukraine said.

Message to Others

Estonia said its decision to send all of its 155-mm howitzers not only aims to support the war-torn nation but to set an example for other countries still reluctant to help Ukraine.

It is meant “in such a way that other countries will have no excuses left why they cannot provide Ukraine with the necessary weapons to win the war.”

The statement comes amid growing pressure on Germany to send Leopard main battle tanks to Kyiv.

Berlin said in a previous statement that there are many reasons why they believe sending such armored vehicles is unnecessary.

It even urged the US to send its Abrams tanks first to Ukraine, but Washington refused to do so due to the high maintenance required to operate the vehicles.

‘Not Undermining National Defense’

Estonia’s defense minister Hanno Pevkur assured its people that the decision to send its 24 FH-70s to Ukraine would not affect the country’s national defense because Tallinn is transitioning to K9 self-propelled howitzers produced by South Korea.

The Estonian Ministry of Defense signed a contract last year for 12 K9 artillery systems.

“We have prioritized making sure Estonia’s defensive capacity remains intact,” Pevkur told a local news outlet.

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