Estonia to Donate Additional Weapons to Ukraine

Estonia has announced the delivery of additional military aid, including mortars and anti-tank weaponry, to assist Ukraine in its defense against Russian forces.

Alongside the gunnery and munitions, Estonia is considering deploying military personnel in support of the United Kingdom’s initiative to train Ukrainian forces.

The country also plans to send medical supplies and set up a field hospital for Ukrainian troops in partnership with Germany.

“The fighting in Ukraine continues to be intense. Although more and more western weaponry is reaching the frontlines, our moral responsibility is to continue supporting Ukraine. They are fighting for our shared values, and if there is anything we can send to Ukrainians, we have to do so,” Estonian Minister of Defence Hanno Pevkur said.

“In addition to weapons, Ukrainian forces have asked for additional support from the Allies in training their personnel. The government’s decision today means that we can also help Ukraine with that specific request for aid,” the defense minister added.

To date, the Estonian government has provided Ukraine with a total of 250 million euros ($251 million) in military aid, including howitzers, anti-tank munitions and weapon systems, grenade launchers, communication equipment, light weapons, tactical gear, medical supplies, and food.

Recent Military Aid to Ukraine

Earlier this month, New Zealand deployed 120 additional soldiers to join a UK-led training of Ukrainian troops.

“We know that one of the highest priorities for Ukraine right now, is to train its soldiers, and New Zealand is proud to stand in solidarity alongside a number of other countries to answer that call,” New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said.

During the Copenhagen Conference for Northern European Defence Allies of Ukraine on August 11, 26 countries pledged an additional $1.55 billion in military support for Ukraine.

“President Putin would have gambled that come August…we would have all got bored of the conflict and the international community would have gone off in different directions. Well today is proof of the opposite,” UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace stated during the conference.

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