MBDA to Fit Romanian Navy Helicopters With Marte ER Missiles

MBDA has signed a deal with Romanian firm IAR Brasov to help integrate Marte ER missile systems into Romanian Naval Forces helicopters.

The missiles will be utilized by aircraft based on the Airbus H215M single-engine light helicopter, serving as anti-surface warfare capabilities.

The company will also team up with Airbus and other defense partners to achieve Marte ER’s full integration at mission system level.

“We are proud to contribute to the Romanian Armed Forces’ strategic autonomy and we will continue to act as a trusted partner by offering a comprehensive portfolio adapted to their current and future needs,” MBDA Europe Vice President Arnaud Rousset said.

MBDA’s Marte Missiles

The Marte ER is designed to operate in all weather conditions, with an effective range of over 62 miles (100 kilometers). It is powered by a solid fuel turbojet that lets it travel up to Mach 0.9 (667 miles/1,100 kilometers per hour).

The variant is capable of sea skimming to avoid radar and infrared detection, reducing the chances of being intercepted by anti-missile equipment.

Operators of the Marte Anti-ship missiles include Italy, Qatar, and Senegal, which received a Marte-fitted offshore patrol vehicle from French firm Piriou in April.

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