Russian Attack on Civilian Ship Result of ‘Poor Weapons Employment:’ UK Intel

The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has argued that the recent Russian attack on a civilian cargo ship entering a Ukrainian port may have been an accident and that the projectile was meant for something else.

Earlier this month, the Russian military fired an anti-radar missile at a Liberia-flagged civilian vessel in the Black Sea, killing a harbor pilot and injuring four others.

The UK MoD claimed in a recent intelligence report that the missile was likely being used to target Ukrainian military radars in the area.

However, due to the absence of live military radar signature in the location, it is “a realistic possibility” that the missile locked onto the civilian ship’s radar.

It further stated that the mistake was a demonstration of “poor weapons employment tactics” by the Russians.

About the Incident

Ukraine’s southern military command earlier said the attack on the Liberian-flagged ship came from a Russian aircraft flying over the Black Sea.

The civilian vessel was reportedly carrying iron ore bound for China.

The missile was identified as a KH-31 air-launched missile, also known as the AS-17 KRYPTON.

Apart from killing and wounding civilians, mostly Philippine citizens, the projectile also damaged the ship.

In July, Moscow announced that it would see any ships traveling to Ukraine’s Black Sea ports as potential military targets and that it is ready to carry out an attack.

Battlefield Mishaps

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, invading forces have been figured in a number of battlefield shortfalls.

A top Russian military official admitted in July that he was relieved of his post after exposing military shortages, including the lack of Russian radars that can track enemy artillery.

A UK intelligence report released in March also claimed that the Russian military is running low on ammunition and now relies on entrenching tools such as shovels for close combat.

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