US Considering Ukraine Forces Training Expansion: Report

The US is considering broadening the scope of Ukrainian armed forces training, CNN revealed, citing sources.

The proposal includes increasing the number of trainees and training them in more sophisticated battle tactics, including how to “coordinate infantry maneuvers with artillery support” at a US Army base in Grafenwoehr, Germany, the outlet added.

The US has trained a few thousand Ukrainian soldiers on specific weapons systems in Poland since the war began. In addition, the UK is training around 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers on its territory.

Training at US Base in Germany 

The proposed program seeks to train the Ukrainian soldiers to operate as a “cohesive military formation,” at a “more advanced” level than that provided by the UK focusing on basic training for new recruits.

The Ukraine-initiated proposal, under interagency review, could begin soon after it is approved. The US Army already conducts live and virtual training for its forces in Europe and Africa at Grafenwoehr, and resources could easily be allocated for Ukrainians.

The onset of winter could also open a window of opportunity for the program, as the colder weather is likely to cause a lull in fighting, and Ukraine could send some frontline soldiers for training.

Combined Arms Maneuvers Limitation

Center for Naval Analyses Russian and Ukrainian military expert Mike Kofman welcomed the development. 

However, he pointed out that the success of “combined arms maneuvers” hinges on supply limitations.

“It’s a good idea because they [Ukraine] need all the training they can get,” Kofman told CNN

Referring to an ongoing problem Ukrainian fighters have faced, however, he cautioned, “The Ukrainians aren’t going to be as effective at combined arms maneuvers if they don’t have enough artillery ammunition.”

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