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Israel Tests Naval Iron Dome Air Defense After Iran Drone Strike

The Israeli Navy has collaborated with local defense firm Rafael in a successful trial of its naval iron dome air defense system.

The test was carried out days after an Iranian drone hit a tanker operated by an Israeli-owned company off the coast of Oman.

According to the Israeli defense ministry, the naval variant of the Iron Dome system was installed on the INS Oz corvette for the trial.

It reportedly detected and intercepted simulated targets in “challenging battlefield scenarios.”

“The C-Dome system expertly identified threats and successfully intercepted them by launching Iron Dome interceptors toward them from the sea,” Israel Missile Defense Organization head Moshe Patel.

Earlier this year, the system had its first live-fire trials simulating advanced threats including rocket fire, cruise missiles, and drones.

The C-Dome System

The C-Dome air defense system was developed to provide Israel with a protective umbrella to counter threats from sophisticated long-range Iranian ballistic missiles.

It will be integrated into Israel’s air defense network alongside the Iron Dome, David’s Sling, Arrow 2, and Arrow 3 hypersonic anti-ballistic missile systems.

The network will guard maritime territories and strategic assets, maintaining the country’s “regional maritime superiority.”

The ministry recognizes that the maritime arena has drastically changed; thus, the need for cutting-edge air defenses as more responsibilities and extensive operational tasks emerge.

“The Israeli Navy is at the height of the advanced operationalization of the Sa’ar 6 corvettes, currently taking place at record speed,” Israeli Navy chief of staff Guy Goldfarb said.

“The successful interception tests are a result of the C-Dome system’s implementation onboard the INS Oz corvette.”

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