Finland to Purchase Additional Protective Gear for Infantry Soldiers

Finland’s Ministry of Defence has announced the purchase of additional M17 plate carrier vests and related equipment for its infantry soldiers.

The deal supports the government’s decision to improve its troops’ personal ballistic protective gear and is funded by its supplementary budget and the national defense development program.

The overall pre-tax cost of the procurement is around 13 million euros ($13 million).

Finnish company CPE (Combat Protective Equipment) Production Oy will provide the protective vests at 7 million euros ($7 million) before tax.

Equipment specialist Finn-Savotta Oy will provide the M05 camouflage-patterned pocket sets attached to the gear, allowing soldiers to carry grenades, weapons magazines, and other infantry equipment.

The sets are also suitable for all load-carrying vests equipped with straps.

Finland’s Other Recent Procurements

In June, Finland joined the Patria project to obtain 6×6 armored vehicles to improve its armed forces’ mobility.

In April, the government announced a plan to spend $15.2 million to procure 1,000 to 2,000 intelligence-gathering drones over two years. The developer for the project will be selected in 2023.

Also in April, the country awarded Saab a $16.2 million contract to provide combat training simulators and related upgrades to modernize live training solutions for its troops.

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