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Russia plans to develop military technical cooperation with Egypt – MOD

Russia intends to boost military technical cooperation with Egypt to support the capabilities of the country’s armed forces, Russian Minister of Defense Sergey Shoygu said during his visit to Cairo on Wednesday.

During a meeting with his counterpart Colonel General Sedki Sobhy conducted under the framework of the Russian-Egyptian Military Technical Cooperation Commission, Shoygu called Egypt a “strategic partner,” noting that Moscow “completely supports” the Egyptian government in its fight against terrorism.

“The Russian Defence Minister stressed that terrorism should be fought by all ways. According to him, Egypt can count on Russia,” a statement released after the talks by the Russian Ministry of Defense said.

In May, Shoygu said Russia had proposed to Cairo several military technical cooperation projects.

During his visit to Egypt’s capital, Shoygu also met with President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. The Egyptian president said the country was interested in enhancing relations with Russia at all levels, and in the military domain in particular.

In October, Russia and the Philippines signed an agreement for technical and military cooperation.

Sisi orders Sinai secured

Shoygu’s visit to Egypt took place in the aftermath of the deadly November 24 attack on a Sufi mosque in the North Sinai region that resulted in 305 deaths – the most casualties in a single attack in the modern history of the country.

Earlier on Wednesday, Sisi ordered the military to secure Sinai within three months.

“It is your responsibility to secure and stabilize Sinai within the next three months. You can use all brute force necessary,” he said at a ceremony for the new chief of staff.

Egypt’s Sisi Orders Military to Secure Sinai Within 3 Months

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