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Pentagon: US strike in Yemen on October 4 killed AQAP terrorist

U.S. Department of Defense spokesperson Eric Pahon confirmed to The Defense Post on Saturday, October 7 that the U.S. military carried out a strike in Yemen on October 4 that resulted in death of an al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula terrorist.

“U.S. forces conducted a precision strike against al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in Al Bayda Governorate, Yemen, killing one Al Qaeda terrorist on Oct. 4,” Pahon said.

The spokesperson noted that the U.S. military is conducting “a series of sustained counterterrorism operations” against AQAP in coordination with the government of Yemen.

The operations will “degrade the group’s ability to hold territory and coordinate external terror
attacks,” he added.

According to local media reports that cite security sources, the drone strike killed so-called commander of AQAP militants in Yemen Shroum al-Sanaani. Another unidentified man, who was traveling with al-Sanaani on a motorbike, was reportedly killed too.

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