Syria’s defense ministry calls on SDF to join government forces

Syria’s defense ministry called on Syrian Democratic Forces members to integrate into the army as its troops deployed on Turkish…

Joint Russia-Turkey patrols to begin in northeast Syria on Friday

Turkish-Russian joint patrols will start in Syria on Friday, Turkey's president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, after a deadline for an SDF…

SDF withdraws from northern Syria border zone ahead of schedule, Russia says

Russia's defense minister said that Kurdish forces in northern Syria had withdrawn from areas along Turkey's border ahead of schedule

NATO defense ministers criticize Turkey’s northern Syria incursion

NATO defense ministers slammed Turkey's military operation in Syria but recognized they have few options to sanction the strategic ally

Five Turkish soldiers injured in northeast Syria attack

Five Turkish soldiers were wounded after an SDF attack n a northeastern Syrian border town, the defense ministry said

Turkey-backed rebels launch ‘large-scale’ assault on 3 Syrian villages, SDF says

Turkey-backed rebels launched an assault on three villages outside the area of Ankara's military operations in northeast Syria, the SDF…

US official warned Syrian Kurdish leader not to talk to Assad or Russia in heated meeting

A US State Department official warned Syrian Kurdish leader Ilham Ahmed not to engage with Bashar al-Assad's government or with…

FULL TEXT: Memorandum of Understanding between Turkey and Russia on northern Syria

Memorandum of Understanding Between Turkey and the Russian Federation (Sochi, October 22, 2019)

SDF forces have left Syria-Turkey border buffer zone, spokesperson says

SDF fighters have left the area of operations in northern Syria in accordance with an agreement between Turkey and the…

German coalition government divided over call for international Syria border security mission

Germany's coalition government was divided after defense minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer's surprise call for international troops to secure northeast Syria