US extends carrier strike group Middle East mission, sends Patriot missile defense system to Iraq

The US is moving Patriot air defense systems into Iraq and deployed a second aircraft carrier to the Middle East…

US strikes Kataib Hezbollah militia across Iraq in retaliation for Taji rocket attack

US airstrikes targeted Iran-linked Kataib Hezbollah militia across Iraq in retaliation for a rocket attack on Taji air base that…

US links Saudi Aramco attack to Iran weapons ships seized off Yemen

Iran-made weapons components seized off Yemen's coast resemble those found at the site of an attack on Saudi oil facilities,…

US Navy seizes Iranian anti-tank missiles in Arabian Sea, command says

The US Navy boarded a boat in the Arabian Sea and confiscated a shipment Iran-made anti-tank missiles it says were…

US Air Force E-11A aircraft crashes in Ghazni province, Afghanistan

A E-11A aircraft bearing US Air Force markings crashed in a Taliban-held area of Ghazni province in Afghanistan

‘Draft’ letter saying US forces to leave Iraq was sent by ‘mistake,’ Milley says

Troops from US-led Coalition against ISIS are preparing to leave Iraq in the wake of an airstrike that killed an…

French naval base in UAE to host European-led Gulf maritime monitoring mission

A European-led maritime surveillance initiative to monitor Gulf waters will be stationed at a French naval base in Abu Dhabi

New US-led coalition launches Operation Sentinel to protect Persian Gulf shipping

The new US-led naval International Maritime Security Construct launched Operation Sentinel to protect shipping in the Persian Gulf

Pentagon releases new details of raid that killed ISIS leader Baghdadi

ISIS founder Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi died in a hole in northwest Syria, but the fight against the terror group is…

US to deploy additional troops, Patriot batteries and THAAD system to Saudi Arabia

The Pentagon will deploy additional troops and equipment to Saudi Arabia and US Central Command amid tensions with Iran