• Oct- 2017 -
    4 October

    Motorbike explodes outside Jordanian defense mission in Paris

    A motorbike exploded outside the Jordanian military mission in the French capital early on Wednesday morning. Jordan’s Petra news agency reported that no one was injured in the explosion, which occurred outside the defense attache’s office on avenue Foch in Paris’ 16th arrondissement. The Jordanian embassy is located nearby. An embassy official said he did not believe the military office was deliberately targeted. Several vehicles were damaged, according to the foreign ministry. The Paris police department said the motorbike was set on fire in front of the office, but nothing “corresponded to an explosion,” Reuters news agency reported. Police said the incident was under investigation but not believed to be linked to terrorism.

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  • Sep- 2017 -
    26 September
    Macron, Emmanuel Macron, French, France, French president

    Macron lays out plans for Eurozone overhaul and common defense

    French President Macron laid out a roadmap for reforming the EU, calling for greater Eurozone integration and common European defense

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