Jared Szuba

Jared Szuba is a reporter based in Washington, D.C. for The Defense Post.

Amid condemnation, Syria’s YPG disavows deadly car bomb in Efrin

Syria's Kurdish-led YPG denied responsibility for a truck bomb in the Turkey-occupied city of Efrin that killed at least 40…

In rare admission, US Africa Command says it killed 2 civilians in Somalia airstrike

The US military said it inadvertently killed two civilians over a year ago in an airstrike against al-Shabaab in Somalia

Coronavirus outbreak hits second US Navy ship at sea

A US Navy destroyer deployed off Mexico's western coast is the second American warship at sea to suffer an outbreak…

Pentagon considers North Korean leader to be in ‘full control’ of military

The Pentagon said Wednesday that available intelligence on the state of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un's health is not conclusive

Not yet clear if Iran military satellite reached orbit, Pentagon says

The US military's second-highest official cautioned against news reports that Iran's first military satellite failed to reach orbit Wednesday

Defectors quit last US-backed rebel group in Syria, head for regime territory

A suspected drug smuggler and other former member of Maghawir al-Thawra, the last US-backed rebel group in Syri,a defected to…

USS Theodore Roosevelt sailor dies from COVID-19 complications

A sailor from the USS Theodore Roosevelt, the US Navy aircraft carrier taken out of rotation due to a coronavirus…

New evidence US airstrike killed teenage girl in Somalia, report says

An Amnesty International investigation revealed further evidence that a US airstrike in Somalia killed a teenage girl, despite military's denial

Promising transparency, US Africa Command to begin reporting civilian casualty claims

US AFRICOM unveiled a new policy, promising to regularly report on allegations of civilian casualties in its operations

SDF: ISIS detainees escape prison in northeast Syria

The SDF reasserted control over a detention center for ISIS suspects in northeast Syria after detainees tried to break out…