Andrew Martin

Mr. Andrew Martin (MSgt USAF, Ret.) is the founder and President of Pangolin Group Inc., a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) based in southern California. Pangolin Group provides specialized consulting and Subject Matter Expertise services, engineering support, and training to the US defense industry and government laboratories. During his time in the Air Force, Mr. Martin was a highly decorated SOF Combat Controller with over 20 years of experience operating, leading, and training national-level special operations personnel. As a military combat developer, Mr. Martin was pivotal in the development, integration, and use of small/micro UAS, advanced SOF targeting systems that revolutionized Battlefield Air Operations (BAO) machine-to-machine targeting, and Digital CAS programs. As a civilian consultant, Mr. Martin has assisted AeroVironment in the development and marketing of several Tactical Unmanned Aircraft and Tactical Missile Systems, Sensor to Shooter software development, and ideation for future battlefield environment operational concepts.
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