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China Can End Russia’s War in Ukraine With One Phone Call: Finnish President

China has the power to immediately stop Russia’s disastrous invasion of Ukraine with just one phone call, according to Finnish President Alexander Stubb.

This comes amid concerns that Beijing is helping Moscow overcome international sanctions by supplying weapons and technologies for use in the war.

Stubb claimed that Russia’s growing reliance on its Asian ally has gotten to the point where Chinese President Xi Jinping can order it to stop invading Ukraine if he chooses to.

“Russia is so dependent on China right now,” he said. “One phone call from President Xi would solve this crisis.”

The Finnish head of state claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin would be forced to negotiate peace if his Chinese counterpart told him to.

“They would have no other choice,” Stubb stated.

Growing Ties

Earlier this year, US officials said China is helping Moscow undertake its biggest military expansion amid the war in Ukraine.

This includes cooperation on drone production, space-based capabilities, and machine tool exports vital for producing ballistic missiles.

British Defense Minister Grant Shapps backed up the claim, saying Beijing was indeed sending “lethal aid” to Russia for use against Ukraine.

He said he had evidence that proves the two countries are closely collaborating on combat equipment.

“It’s time for the world to wake up. And that means translating this moment to concrete plans and capabilities,” he said.

Xi and Putin met several times this year to bolster defense cooperation, but the Chinese leader has emphasized that a “political solution” is needed to end the war.

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