Ukraine Says Destroyed Russian Space Communications Center

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense claimed to have destroyed a space surveillance and communications center belonging to Russia.

Located in occupied Crimea, the facility reportedly served as an important component in Moscow’s satellite communications and navigation system.

The ministry did not say when the attack was carried out, but local media reports noted a series of overnight explosions at several settlements in Crimea on June 23.

A large fire at a Russian military facility in the village of Vityno was also spotted by eyewitnesses.

It remains unclear what weapon may have been used in the strike.

Weakening Air Defense?

The facility was later identified as the 40th separate command and measurement complex, which was a significant part of the Titov Main Test and Space Systems Control Centre of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Invading forces seized the facility during the annexation of Crimea in 2014.

At least one Russian electronic warfare system was reportedly located in the area to protect the center and nearby command posts.

Ukraine’s successful targeting of the space surveillance and communications center could be a sign of Moscow’s weakening air defense in the occupied territory.

Last month, Russia also reported a Ukrainian missile attack on the territory, which killed four people and wounded over 100.

It said that the US bore responsibility for the incident because it supplied the ATACMS missile used in the fatal strike.

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