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US Army Taps BlueHalo for Next Phase of Counter-Drone Missile Program

The US Army has selected BlueHalo to continue to the next phase of the service’s ongoing Next-Generation Counter-Uncrewed Aerial System Missile (NGCM) program.

The announcement followed the company’s response to the initiative last year, in which it revealed its NGCM offering designed for Group 3 drone threats that have an approximate weight of less than 1,320 pounds (598 kilograms).

BlueHalo wrote that its solution delivers enhanced range and lethality by combining the firm’s counter-drone technologies and command and control systems, making it effective against larger targets and short-range air defense assets.

Additionally, the platform is built with “significantly reduced size, weight, and power” and a software-defined front end that could be connected with other rocket motors for reach and maneuverability demands in counter-subsonic and supersonic missions.

“As we’ve seen in Ukraine, Jordan, Israel, and the Red Sea, drone attacks are increasing in number, sophistication, speed, and size, representing the fastest evolving threat vector of the modern era,” BlueHalo CEO Jonathan Moneymaker explained.

“Adding the increased range, reduced time-to-target, and rapid launch capabilities of our technically superior NGCM to BlueHalo’s operational, industry-defining RF and directed energy C-UAS solutions gives unmatched, layered protection to our warfighters, allies, and assets.”

Additional C-UAS Projects With US Army

BlueHalo is engaged with a similar US Army program to develop an anti-drone laser weapon.

In May, the company signed a $95.4-million contract to extend design and manufacturing tasks that will further amplify the performance, automation, efficiency, and ruggedization of its directed energy solutions for the effort.

One month earlier, the company received a contract to deliver support services for the army’s Palletized High Energy Laser capability, which protects soldiers and bases from small-type drone systems.

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