Ukraine Requests More Battlefield E-Scooters From Latvia: Report

The Ukrainian military has reportedly requested more electric scooters from Latvia after experiencing their usefulness on the battlefield.

Mosphera, a Latvian firm specializing in electric vehicles, said it received a letter from a Ukrainian unit asking for “a few dozen more” e-scooters to be used near the frontline.

The company already donated several of its camouflaged e-scooters to the Ukrainian armed forces last year to test their combat applicability.

Chief executive officer Klavs Asmanis recently told Breaking Defense that the Ukrainians have generally positive feedback for the stealthy vehicles so they are asking for more.

Though they said they are ready to send more, Mosphera is reportedly waiting for the approval of the Latvian government.

‘First E-Scooter for Military Purposes’

The company said its e-scooters, which participated in the Eurosatory 2024 exhibition in Paris, are the first in the world to be built for military purposes.

They allow soldiers to move quickly and silently in areas too obvious for large vehicles to traverse and too dangerous to cross on foot.

They reportedly have a top speed of 96 kilometers (60 miles) per hour and operate “completely without noise.”

Thanks to their modular design, the e-scooters can be easily hidden in the bush and are ideal for covert military missions.

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