MBDA Unveils AI-Enabled Tech to Find Hidden Targets

European defense firm MBDA has unveiled an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled tool designed to allow military units to see hidden targets.

Dubbed the “Ground Warden,” the man-portable module utilizes beyond-line-of-sight technology to provide precise target detection capability even in challenging combat environments.

It works by quickly analyzing data obtained from surveillance drones and suggesting attack options to missile operators about the location of the hidden target and when it can be intercepted.

The data gathered by a tablet can also aid the missile operator in maneuvering the weapon to achieve a precise hit.

According to the company, the Ground Warden is a “plug and play” solution that does not require further modifications before use.


MBDA demonstrated the promising capability during the Eurosatory 2024 defense exhibition in Paris.

In one scenario, a surveillance drone detected an enemy tank in a village and relayed the information to an artillery unit for a missile strike.

The missile then captured imagery while flying toward the target, allowing the Ground Warden to spot two more tanks hiding beyond the line of sight and inform subsequent attacks.

Ground Warden
Data being analyzed by the Ground Warden system. Photo: Screengrab from MBDA video via YouTube

Another simulation presented in a promotional video shows the advantage of pairing the Ground Warden with an unmanned aerial vehicle.

As the drone surveyed an area heavily populated by trees, data was relayed to the AI-enabled system, which then provided additional insights to the gunner about the precise location of a target.

Human in the Loop

Though the Ground Warden uses AI for battlefield analysis, MBDA said it still keeps a human in the loop to ensure safe operations.

“This is extremely important because we feel that AI is not yet mature enough,” program lead Laurent Duport told Breaking Defense.

Because of the human-AI collaboration, the tool has reportedly provided the French Army with a 100 percent strike rate.

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