Matrix Providers to Fill Medical Roles for Colorado Military Health System

Denver-based medical group Matrix Providers has received a $37.1-million task order to fill full-time roles at Military Treatment Facilities in the Colorado Military Health System.

The deal will see the recruitment of 67 contracted positions in nursing, dental, ancillary, physician, and behavioral health roles across the hospitals over the next three and a half years.

Healthcare professionals under this framework will have average contract durations of over four years with non-binding terms, enabling flexible arrangements and work-life balance for each employee.

Alongside a “reliable and stable work environment and schedule,” the staffing project will secure Government Service employment that bypasses the traditional “bureaucratic delays and complexities.”

“Our servicemen and women and their families depend on highly qualified doctors, nurses and other essential healthcare staff at our Military Treatment Facilities, and we are committed to partnering with the government to ensure these critical positions are filled promptly and with the very best medical professionals,” Matrix Providers CEO and Founder Dr. Bill Rivard explained. 

“These government-contracted jobs are rewarding and come with numerous benefits, and we are actively recruiting healthcare professionals to join us in our mission to ensure a medically ready force.”

Maintaining a ‘Crucial Role’

Matrix Providers wrote that the effort addresses a US Government Accountability Office study that reported a 43-percent vacancy in authorized behavioral healthcare positions across the Defense Health Agency, including nurses, psychiatrists, and psychologists.

The contract will support the US government’s associated placement requirements to fulfill its responsibility for the health status of its servicemembers.

The company noted that the deal will “directly impact the quality of healthcare” for military personnel in Colorado while bolstering the “overall effectiveness and resilience” of the warfighter community.

Matrix Providers is now hiring experts at the US Air Force Academy 10th Medical Group, the 21st Medical Group at Peterson Space Force Base, the 460th Medical Group at Buckley Space Force Base, the Evans Army Community Hospital and Colorado Military Health System hubs in Pueblo County and Tooele County, Utah. 

“As a part of the Colorado Military Health System, our contracted workers play a crucial role in serving over 200,000 military beneficiaries and approximately 3,400 patients daily,” Rivard said.

“This is gratifying work, and considering the growing shortage of medical professionals across the country, there has never been a more urgent and opportune time to give back.”

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