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US Sounds Alarm on China’s Rifle-Toting Robot Dogs

American lawmakers have expressed serious concerns over China’s recently-unveiled robot dogs that carry machine guns.

In last week’s hearing, House members proposed a policy measure that would require the Pentagon to assess the potential application of the Chinese quadruped unmanned ground vehicle in future conflicts.

The Secretary of Defense would also be required to investigate and submit a report on the kind of threat the rifle-toting robot dog poses to the national security of the US.

The proposal was immediately adopted without objection by any members of the chamber.

However, it will have to survive scrutiny from senators for the new measure to be implemented.

The Senate is expected to tackle the House proposal and the annual defense authorization bill in general in the next few weeks.

‘Dogs of War’

Last month, China’s People Liberation Army (PLA) showed off its most recent innovation: a robot battle dog with an automatic rifle mounted on its back.

A video made during a military exercise in Cambodia demonstrates the four-legged unmanned platform’s ability to walk, hop, lie down, and move backward like a real canine.

The technology even led an infantry unit in penetrating a simulated building in one of the drills.

The robot dog also showcased its firepower, demonstrating its ability to provide tactical support to dismounted troops.

A PLA soldier identified in the video as Chen Wei claimed that the innovation “can serve as a new member in our urban combat operations, replacing our [human] members to conduct reconnaissance and identify [the] enemy and strike the target.”

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