BAE Unveils ‘Tridon Mk2’ Ground-Based Air Defense System

BAE Systems has unveiled its new Tridon Mk2 air defense system designed to neutralize drones, aircraft, cruise missiles, and even armored vehicles.

Showcased at Eurosatory 2024 in Paris, the self-propelled system is based on the Bofors 40-millimeter gun widely used during the Second World War.

Its modular design enables easy deployment, maintenance, and integration of future components to adapt to changing battlefield needs.

Designed to be deployed on the ground, the gun boasts an effective strike range of up to 12 kilometers (7.4 miles), depending on the target, ammunition, and terrain.

“The Tridon Mk2 is the ideal solution for combat operations, where soldiers need a proven, high-precision, and reliable anti-aircraft system to keep the skies clear and protect troops and infrastructure,” company official Lena Gillström said.

‘Filling the Gap’

BAE Systems said that as drone threats proliferate globally, a dangerous gap in air defense capabilities is emerging.

It claimed that the Tridon Mk2 could help fill that gap for NATO states that are more exposed to aerial threats due to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Any military to operate the weapon can take advantage of its flexibility, as it can fire a large variety of ammunition, including NATO standard.

The gun can be mounted on various platforms and controlled remotely, keeping soldiers at a safe distance in case of an enemy counter-attack.

Each Tridon Mk2 is equipped with sophisticated day-night sensors and fire control systems, which help protect large areas while minimizing collateral damage.

“Specialized in filling the gaps behind expensive missile systems, it meets the growing need for air-denial weapons, providing a low-cost, rapid anti-aircraft system crucial for keeping the skies clear,” the company stated.

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