Texas Firm to Improve US Air Force Communication Security Management

Texas-based Ultra Intelligence & Communications (I&C) has signed a $31.9-million agreement to upgrade the management system of the US Air Force’s operationally deployed communication security (COMSEC) devices.

The deal will supply modernization services for the rekey and remote over-the-network management capabilities under the air force’s Cryptologic and Cyber Systems Division.

Covered assets include identification friend or foe, Link-16 NATO-standardized tactical data link network, and associated in-line encryptors.

Additional works involve the development of an enhanced certified encryptor for the secure exchange of keys and commands across COMSEC equipment as well as the integration of the latest key management protocols and security requirements.

Planned solutions will be based on Ultra’s existing Remote Tactical Data Links Management System fielded in rekey and remote management for US and international customers.

Supporting Vital Communication Capabilities

Ultra will leverage its “deep-rooted” key management and cryptographic engineering expertise throughout the contract, ultimately decreasing service costs and assuring reliable networks.

Simultaneously, the project will support the firm to expand its position as a tactical data link solutions provider for military users.

“Ensuring reliable communications is paramount for any operation, under all conditions and environments,” Ultra I&C Command, Control and Intelligence President Bradford Powell stated.

“Remote management and rekey capability are necessary to improve tactical network operations, minimize downtime, and protect our military personnel responsible for maintaining tactical equipment in operational locations.”

“As [Combined Joint All Domain Command & Control] and other initiatives continue to connect assets and domains, the maintenance of those tactical networks becomes increasingly important.” 

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