IAI Unveils Compact Jam-Resistant GNSS System for Aerial Platforms

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has unveiled a miniaturized jam-resistant satellite navigation system for airborne platforms and munitions.

“Compact ADA” integrates antenna electronics and a multi-elements antenna array in a reduced size, weight, and power solution.

It is a derivative of IAI’s ADA system and is designed for a wide range of tactical aerial platforms, such as jets, helicopters, unmanned aerial systems, and missiles.

A lot of US-delivered satellite guided missiles, such as the Joint Direct Attack Munition, have been proven ineffective in the ongoing Ukraine war due to Russian anti-GPS jamming.

Compact ADA

Compact ADA employs adaptive processing techniques to overcome a variety of Global navigation satellite system (GNSS) interference and jamming, maintaining signals from GNSS satellites.

It weighs 1.1 kilograms (2.4 pounds), has a size of less than 110 by 140 millimeters (4 by 5.5 inches), and consumes less than 25 watts of power.

“Facing today’s threats to GNSS, these systems are a must, for any platform using GPS, or any other Global Satellite Navigation Systems,” IAI/MALAM division general manager Jacob Galifat said.

“Our operationally proven systems will ensure the availability of GPS- and GNSS-based systems, even in the most contested, EW-saturated battle-space. 

“Considering the operational challenges, this system has considerable export potential for many air forces and armies who experience GNSS jamming in combat zones.”

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