Germany to Double IRIS-T Air Defense System Production as Demand Soars

German defense firm Diehl has announced plans to double its production of the IRIS-T air defense system to cope with increasing global demand.

Speaking at a recent air show in Berlin, company chief executive Helmut Rauch revealed the planned production boost will take effect starting next year.

On top of that, the firm wants to produce at least 10 firing units annually for the medium-range missile beginning 2026.

This is the second time in nine months that Diehl announced it was increasing its IRIS-T production in the face of increasing threats from Russia.

About the IRIS-T

First produced in 2005, the IRIS-T is a next-generation system designed to defeat hostile assets, such as fast-moving aircraft, helicopters, drones, and cruise missiles.

It boasts an operational range of 40 kilometers (25 miles).

The weapon features an advanced infrared seeker for precise target detection and tracking.

It is also equipped with a multi-function phased array radar that provides 360-degree coverage of the threat environment.

The IRIS-T is the product of a collaboration among European countries, including Germany, Greece, Norway, Italy, Spain, and Sweden.

Global Demand

In 2022, Berlin provided Ukraine with two IRIS-Ts to help intercept incoming Russian missile attacks.

An additional six have also been pledged amid reports that Moscow has gained the upper hand in the war-ravaged nation.

NATO countries have also begun procuring the German air defense system amid concerns that Russia may wage a war against one of them.

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