Rheinmetall, US Company Team for Aircraft Support Offering in Europe

Rheinmetall Aviation Services (RAS) and Alabama-based Science and Engineering Services (SES) have agreed to jointly deliver technical support for fixed-wing and rotary aircraft in Europe.

The strategic partnership is a step to bolstering air defense security and the performance of the region’s armed forces.

The consortium wrote that future customers will receive enhanced operational readiness and efficiency through the work it will provide, including “simple to highly complex” sustainment, “sophisticated” modification, and repair services.

Throughout the collaboration, RAS will combine its established presence and in-depth market knowledge in Europe with SES’ proven expertise, professionals, and technical resources.

“We’re thrilled to be part of a team that will provide customers with exceptional aircraft design, modification, test, repair, logistics, and other services,” SES CEO Ralph Pallotta stated.

“The synergy from the complimentary blending of our capabilities could not be better. Customers will now have access to a one-stop-shop for all their needs for modifying and sustaining their fleets of aircraft.”

Leveraging Sea Stallion Experience

RAS currently supports multiple maintenance and related frameworks for the German Air Force’s CH-53G Sea Stallion helicopters in three locations.

Meanwhile, SES is engaged with training, modification, and maintenance projects for different rotorcrafts under the US military and international users.

“This partnership allows us to take our years of experience with the CH-53G to the next level to better meet the specific needs of our European customers,” RAS Business Development and Sales Tim Paul said.

“We are creating something that does not exist in this form in Europe.”

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