Leonardo Opens AW149 Helicopter Production Line in Poland

Leonardo has opened a production line for the Polish Armed Forces’ AW149 helicopters in Świdnik, southeastern Poland.

The facility was launched through the company’s Polish subsidiary, PZL-Świdnik, which will oversee the production of 32 helicopters onsite.

Systems integration, armament fittings, modernization efforts, and technical support will serve as the site’s main focus as it operates throughout the Polish AW149 fleet’s life cycle.

The production line will also serve as a domestic logistics base and technical facility close to the Polish Land Forces, located around 120 miles (190 kilometers) northwest of Świdnik.

Delivery of the helicopters, which began last year, is expected to run until 2029.

Poland’s Newest Air Capability

Poland ordered the AW149 fleet from Leonardo in 2022, with officials stating that it mattered “in the context of the international situation of the Russian aggression in Ukraine.”

The deal was estimated to be worth 1.75 billion euros ($1.83 billion), detailing the transfer of anti-tank missile-equipped versions of the helicopters.

All units are set to be operated by the 25th Air Cavalry Brigade, supporting the fleet’s transport and combat missions.

New observation systems, small arms, and self-defense systems have been added to its features to ensure its effectiveness as a multi-role vehicle for Poland’s armed forces.

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