Canadian Air Force Selects Artemis Mobile Phone Detector for Helicopter Upgrade 

The Royal Canadian Air Force has selected the Smith Myers Artemis Mobile Phone Detection Location System for its CH-149 Cormorant search and rescue helicopter mid-life upgrade.

A total of 16 CH-149s will be upgraded to the latest AW101-612 standard for $1 billion Canadian dollars ($730 million), including three future aircraft.

The Leonardo upgrade enhances the fleet’s systems and technologies, extending their life expectancy to beyond 2042.

“The AW101/CH-149 Cormorant Search and Rescue helicopter fleet will provide the Royal Canadian Air Force with the sustainment of a robust, high-tech all weather [search and rescue] capability across Canada,” Leonardo Helicopters managing director Gian Piero Cutillo said.

“The [mid-life upgrade] programme through Team Cormorant will reduce the cost of fleet ownership, while further increasing reliability, capability and safety for Canadian people.”

Artemis Mobile Detection Location System

The system is designed to accurately locate mobile telephones in challenging airborne search and rescue situations, according to Bedfordshire-based Smith Myers.

Artemis can detect a phone from extended ranges and provides capabilities such as mass-mapping and geo fencing to minimize crew workload.

Additionally, it works well in low light/instrument meteorological conditions and does not require any mobile network operator interaction.

“Being selected to be part of this important mid-life search and rescue upgrade and as the Mobile Phone Detection, Communication and Location system of choice for the RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force), across fixed and rotary wing platforms is a great honor,” Smith Myers’ Managing Director Andrew Munro said.

“We are excited to be part of this transformative project and to contribute to the advancement of search and rescue capabilities for the RCAF.”

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