Turkey Begins Mass Production of Altay Main Battle Tanks

Turkey has started mass production of the Altay, the country’s first indigenous main battle tank, under the supervision of the Defence Industry Agency (SSB).

The BMC Defence-produced tanks enter production a year earlier than previously expected.

The tanks are fitted with a fire control system that includes a laser range finder and an advanced image stabilization system, which boosts the vehicle’s ability to fire accurately at long range.

It is also equipped with hybrid composite and active protection system armor, providing a lightweight penetration-resistant defense that can actively counter guided missiles and other anti-tank weapons.

SSB President Haluk Görgün stated that the production of the Altay underlines Turkey’s strength in producing land vehicles.

“We are very strong as a country in the field of land vehicles. We have multiple companies exporting abroad. All their products have advantages that can compete with their global counterparts,” he said.

Görgün added that SSB currently has multiple NATO countries pursuing procurement of their personnel carriers and armored vehicles.

The Altay is expected to enter service by 2025.

Developing the Altay

The tank’s development has gone through multiple revisions since 2007, including incorporating a tank engine and transmission from South Korea.

Seoul’s Doosan Infracore and S&T Dynamics were part of the development phase through preliminary deals to supply the tank’s components.

BMC eventually opted for a self-produced, 1,500-horsepower engine to power the vehicle.

Other companies tapped for the program include Rheinmetall, which produces the Altay’s 120 mm main gun.

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