Bittium to Provide Support for Finland’s Tactical Network, Voice Messaging System

Oulu-based communications provider Bittium has received a 2-million-euro ($2.17 million) contract to provide system support for the Finnish Defence Forces’ wireless network and digital voice messaging capabilities.

The deal will cover technical assistance for the Tactical Wireless IP Network (TAC WIN) system and Tough VoIP communication technology delivered by the company through previous contracts.

Services will encompass the software support, readiness maintenance, and management of the platforms and their associated equipment.

Mobility and Effective Communication

Bittium’s TAC WIN system is a broadband connection that can link both wired and wireless data transfer to form a single network.

The TAC WIN suite comprises a router and radio heads with different frequencies to sustain connectivity across different topologies and extreme environmental conditions.

Meanwhile, the VoIP product family enables distributed voice calls to adapt to different networks, including TAC WIN, and improve situational awareness throughout rapid changes on the battlefield.

“Bittium TAC WIN system forms a broadband backbone network on the battlefield and the Bittium Tough VoIP system enables voice and data transfer in the tactical network,” Bittium said in its press release.

“The systems support the combat doctrine of the Finnish Defence Forces where mobility, leading the troops on the move, and effective communications play a key role.”

Handheld, Vehicular Radios

Bittium’s latest agreement came after the company signed a 3.5-million-euro ($3.8 million) purchase order in May for Finland’s new military handheld and vehicular radios.

This separate contract followed a similar procurement in 2022 worth $5.5 million to replace the Finnish joint forces’ older analog field radios.

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