Chicago’s Latvian Community Donates Amphibious Vehicles to Ukraine

Chicago’s Latvian community has donated a batch of Bandvagn 202 amphibious tracked all-terrain articulated vehicles to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The Volvo vehicles were bought in Norway and delivered by the Embassy of Ukraine in Norway with the help of the Latvian volunteer organization SOS Aid to the Army of Ukraine.

“All-terrain vehicles are designed for the transportation of personnel and equipment in snowy conditions and swampy terrain. The Bv202 can transport 10 soldiers and up to one ton of cargo,” the diplomatic mission said.

Previous Donation

Last year also, Ukraine received about a dozen Bv202s through donations. 

The vehicles were adapted for medical evacuation and deployed on front lines where civilian vehicles are difficult to use.

Bandvagn 202

Developed by Volvo subsidiary Bolinder-Munktell, the Bandvagn 202 is designed for snowy and swampy terrain.

It can move at up to 35 kilometers (22 miles) per hour on land and 7 kilometers (4 miles) per hour on water.

The front houses the driver and the commander, while the second compartment can accommodate up to 10 soldiers.

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