Airbus Teams With German AI Startup on Future Combat Air System

Artificial intelligence startup NeuralAgent has signed two contracts with Airbus Defence and Space to jointly develop capabilities for the Future Combat Air System (FCAS) program.

Part of the global phase 1B contract, the partnership will focus on FCAS’ Combat Cloud.

It will bridge “the innovation gap with an AI-defined, non-jammable, resilient, and self-organizing network and system architectures in the air, on the ground or in space,” German-based NeuralAgent wrote.

The companies’ contribution to the project is expected to automate and greatly reduce response times of an unlimited number of combat nodes.

Two Companies, One Cutting-Edge Goal

Airbus will utilize its well-established infrastructure, while NeuralAgent will bring its “cutting-edge decentralized AI technology to deliver redundant, explainable, and high-performant collaborative Agents under dynamic environments” to the table, combining to guarantee greater European security. 

NeuralAgent claims the technology approach will outperform typical “central AI-Approaches” with a less-costly option that provides greater security with a “single point of failure against jamming.” 

“This contract is a pivotal achievement for NeuralAgent as it allows us to not only redefine the future of AI-defined Secure and Resilient Networks through our foundational AI-Agent Models but also extends our reach into dual-use cases for commercial industries from space to ground, supporting scalable innovation across the EU,” NeuralAgent CEO Dr. Onur Deniz said about the collaboration. 

Airbus’ Juan Emilio Murillo Martinez added that working with “disruptive AI start-ups” will propel innovation efforts, and help the company stay ahead in the latest AI trends. 

“This collaboration will enhance our capabilities in both legacy and future systems, ensuring we remain at the forefront of technological advancements,” he said.

The FACS program is led by France, Germany, and Spain, representing a major leap forward in the continent’s defense systems through the employment of the latest AI technologies.

Airbus and NeuralAgent sign contracts for joint work on the Future Combat Air System. Photo: NeuralAgent

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