Rheinmetall Clinches Skynex Air Defense Ammo Contract

An undisclosed European customer country has ordered Skynex air defense system ammunition from Rheinmetall.

A “six-digit number” of 35mm AHEAD cartridges will be manufactured under the “low three-digit million euro” contract.

“The Skynex system strengthens the protection of the customer country’s armed forces against threats from the air,” Rheinmetall said in a press release.

Rheinmetall earlier received a contract in March from an unnamed European customer for the delivery of Skynex systems by 2025.

Additionally, Austria has selected the company to upgrade its air defense systems with Skynex for 532 million euros ($572 million).

Short-Range System

The system comprises a network of Oerlikon Revolver Gun Mk3 cannons, a CN-1 control node, and an X-TAR3D tactical radar.

It is particularly effective against close-range targets such as fast-moving drones, against which guided weapons are largely ineffective.

Moreover, the programmable AHEAD cartridge is resistant to electronic countermeasures and is much cheaper than comparable guided missiles.

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