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NY Startup Receives Funding for ‘Handheld Iron Dome’ Anti-Drone System

New York-based tech startup ZeroMark has secured $7 million in seed funding to advance the development of its handheld counter-drone technology based on Israel’s Iron Dome all-weather air defense system.

Instead of targeting missiles and other airborne threats, the solution will use an artificial intelligence-enabled auto-aiming feature to modify standard-issue infantry rifles or carbines into “highly effective counter-drone” weapons.

ZeroMark wrote the capability will seamlessly integrate with firearms without additional tools and feature friend-or-foe identification and real-time threat analytics.

‘Unparalleled’ Systems for Troops

ZeroMark believes its handheld Iron Dome will “revolutionize” modern warfare by combining precision robotics and computer vision with conventional armaments.

The system is expected to sustain warfighter dominance over fast-moving, low-altitude tactical drones, enhance lethality and decision-making processes, and reinforce safety across the theater.

“The proliferation of drone technology poses an evolving threat to our armed forces,” ZeroMark CEO Joel Anderson stated.

“Our mission is to empower every soldier with a cost-effective, highly portable counter-drone solution that delivers unparalleled performance.”

“With the support of our investors, we are ready to deploy this critical capability and ensure our defenders maintain a decisive edge on the battlefield.”


The company received its latest funding from capital market firms Ground Up Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz.

“As a firm with deep roots in Israel, we have witnessed firsthand the critical need for companies like ZeroMark to provide superior precision hardware and software systems to those that protect and defend freedom and democracy,” Ground Up Ventures’ Jordan Odinsky remarked.

“We are thrilled to lead this funding round which will enable ZeroMark to have an outsized impact on the way the United States and its allies protect their citizens, law enforcement, and warfighters.”

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