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Airbus to Upgrade Turkey’s ALPIN Helicopter Drone

Airbus will integrate its DeckFinder positioning system into Turkey’s ALPIN unmanned helicopter as part of a collaborative agreement with Turkish manufacturer Titra.

The deal, signed during a recent border security expo in Ankara, will allow the drone to take off and land autonomously from naval platforms regardless of environmental conditions.

The positioning system will provide the ALPIN with a 3D image of its relative position, aiding in safe landings even in the absence of satellite geolocation systems.

Its components are also built to withstand extreme temperatures at sea, which could range from -32 to 55 degrees Celsius (-25.6 to 131 Fahrenheit).

“As a result of this cooperation, the fully autonomous landing and take-off capability of [the ALPIN] to moving naval platforms will be made more precise and safer with Airbus Deck Finder,” the Turkish firm said on social media.

Work for this agreement is expected to be completed within the next six months.

About the ALPIN

The ALPIN is a long-range, high endurance platform based on the Italian-made Helisport CH-7 ultra-light manned helicopter.

It is designed for both military and civilian use, with the ability to perform surveillance and rescue missions.

It also has a payload capacity of 200 kilograms (440 pounds) and can stay in the air for more than nine hours.

Payload options for the ALPIN include electro-optical/infrared cameras, synthetic aperture radar, weapon systems, and communication relays.

According to Titra, the platform is the first unmanned chopper in Turkey that has vertical takeoff and landing capability with the press of a single button.

The integration of Airbus’ DeckFinder into the ALPIN is reportedly the result of persistent requests from other countries to use the drone for their naval operations.

The unmanned helicopter had previously been deployed in northern Iraq to support Turkish operations.

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