US Army Launches $500 Million Ammunition Facility in Texas

The US Army inaugurated a major artillery ammunition parts production plant in Mesquite, Texas on Wednesday.

Various ammunition, ranging from 60mm to 155mm, will be produced at the Universal Artillery Projectile Lines with minimal adjustments.

The over $500 million General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems-managed plant leverages advanced manufacturing equipment and processes.

“The facility’s 155 mm metal parts production lines also meet Army modernization goals by incorporating high levels of automation, modern manufacturing practices, and digital-data-capture ability,” the US Army explained.

To Ramp-Up Shell Production

The facility is part of the Pentagon’s effort to ramp up the monthly production of 155mm shells to 100,000 with the advent of the Ukraine war.

America’s monthly production capacity of the shell last year was 24,000.

“This plant is an important example of how we are modernizing our World War II-era organic industrial base,” Secretary of the US Army Christine Wormuth said.

“The Army is spending more than a billion dollars every year to make these critical improvements.”

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