Indra Demos 360 Vision System for Spanish Army’s Armored Vehicles

Indra demonstrated a new 360 vision system to the Spanish Ministry of Defence that offers enhanced situational awareness in armored vehicles.

The system’s artificial intelligence algorithms analyze images captured by the vehicle’s visible, night-vision, and infrared cameras, enhancing the vehicle’s identification range.

An increased identification range helps the crew in its overall assessment to identify friends or foes and threat potential, including ambushes.

“This is a technology that the most advanced armies in the world, including those of the US, the United Kingdom and Germany, are opting for,” Indra’s sales director Miguel Rodríguez Mora said

“The use of AI will be particularly important during operations in complex environments such as urban and low-visibility areas, where it’s more difficult to distinguish attackers and the reaction times are shorter.”

Indra's AI-based 360 vision system
Indra’s AI-based 360 vision system. Image: Indra

For 8×8 Dragon Program

The system has been designed for the 8×8 Dragon’s Mission System, controlling the vehicle’s sensors and subsystems.

It evolved from an initial solution the company developed for the 8×8 Dragon program to upgrade the Spanish Army’s fleet of combat vehicles.

It also complements the vehicle’s tactical vision managed by the Battlefield Management System.

“It goes beyond mere perception of the environment and has the ability to understand data, recognize patterns and interpret and evaluate what’s happening and how it’s affecting the plans that have been put in place,” Rodríguez Mora added.

It can “automate tasks and make decisions much more seamlessly and clearly in situations of maximum stress, reducing the number of errors and increasing safety.”

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