Germany Orders 1 Million Hand Grenades From Rheinmetall

Rheinmetall has been commissioned by the Armed Forces of Germany to supply one million DM45 smoke grenades for up to 67 million euros ($72 million).

Funded through the force’s special fund, the hand grenades will be produced at Rheinmetall’s Silberhütte site in eastern Germany, signaling a new long-term arms production in the facility.

The framework agreement is set to run until 2027, and allows flexible annual call-off of the ammunition based on German troop requirements.

A total of up to 1.5 million DM 45s could be produced under the contract.

The DM 45 has been in service with the German Armed Forces since the 1990s. Its most prominent feature is its pyrotechnic-charge smokescreen, which interrupts its enemy forces’ line of sight and allows its users to disguise their movements.

Improving the Infantry

Germany has developed multiple programs to strengthen its infantry amid rising tensions in Europe.

In 2023, Berlin approved the purchase of 50 Puma infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), worth roughly 1.5 billion euros ($1.7 billion).

The move was considered following its pledge to deliver Marder IFVs to Ukraine to help Kyiv fight Russian troops.

The country also signed a deal with Rheinmetall in April to equip the armed forces with 191,000 tactical communications systems fitted with ear protection, noise cancellation, and radio connection.

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