Ultra Demos Advanced Mobile Command Post for Canadian Military

Ultra Intelligence & Communications has announced the successful demonstration of its advanced mobile command post solution for the Canadian Armed Forces.

Showcased during the Hermes Forge field exercise, the system demonstrated its speed, resilience, and reliability to support various military missions.

The Texas-based company’s new Orion X510 tactical radios were shown to be interoperable with the existing X500 communication system and the Trellisware tactical wideband waveform.

The command post’s extra-light satellite communication terminal was promoted as an alternative to Orion line-of-sight systems, ensuring robust communications at the tactical edge.

“By validating these technologies during the exercise, we underscored our role as the proven partner to provide interoperable capabilities in the field in Europe and truly enable expeditionary missions with our coalition partners,” Ultra I&C VP Faith Rhodes said.

The results of the demonstration will inform the Canadian Armed Forces as to whether the solution is ready for deployment in Latvia to support on-the-move missions.

Modernizing Tactical Network Architecture

Ultra I&C said development of the mobile command post comes amid the increasing proliferation of drones and long-range precision fires that threaten traditional command post operations.

In case of an armed conflict, command posts are likely to be the first targets of enemy attacks.

This is why the Canadian military collaborated with industry partners to ensure resilient communications solutions while meeting demands for improved mobility.

Within two years of collaborating with the armed forces, the company claimed it was able to develop quickly deployed, vehicular-mast-mounted line-of-sight systems that are critical for on-the-move operations.

It reportedly reflects Ultra’s commitment to modernizing the tactical network architecture of militaries around the world.

“Ultra I&C has a unique expertise and advantage fielding SATCOM, LOS, and troposcatter communication bearers in an integrated fashion that provides the diversity of communications options our soldiers need to be successful,” Ultra I&C official Keith Blanchet stressed.

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